Personalized Girls Monogram Wall Decal

Excited to announce new Personalized Monograms for Children’s Rooms and Nurseries

This “Girls Room Heart Monogramvinyl wall decal is personalized with your child’s first and middle name. Personalized children’s monograms are a customizable and chic way to add enchantment to your little girls bedroom or nursery.

Girly monogram wall decal sticker

Personalized Monogram with Heart Embellishment

Monogram Etiquette
This design style is probably the most trendy way to decorate your child’s room, but make sure that you are putting in the right information. This can be completely personal preference, but the suggested method is selecting the first letter of your last name in the large background initial. Then include the first and middle name of your child. Putting too much or too little information can throw off the balance of the design. If you have any questions on how your child’s name will look, just shoot our sales team an email. They will be happy to provide you a sample with how your decal will look! You can reach us at

Where To Apply The Girls Monogram Decal
Although the application options can be limitless, the most popular place that monograms are applied are above a girls headboard or baby’s crib.

I find that when I move or redecorate a room, sometimes the blank wall staring back at me is inspirational and full of opportunities. But then sometimes, it’s daunting task to fill and leaves me feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. I’m pretty sure most of us feel like the latter more often than the first. First choice of what to do with a large wall is always the hardest, after that everything else will fall in place. By using a vinyl wall sticker, it creates the perfect jumping off point, and that’s what makes wall decal designs and quotes so special!

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