Pretty as a Peacock

We are constantly updating our catalogs with the most chic and fashion forward looks, such as the new Peacock Monogram. Last year, owls were the big thing in interior design for both family rooms apeacock wall decal sticker design graphicnd children’s rooms. This year be ahead of the trend because Peacocks are the new Owls!

Trendy, Yes! But is it a fad? No!

Peacocks are no fashion fly-by-nights. Since the first royal decorator to the Roman emperor decided to do the palace in feathers, designers have flocked to the colorful bird. (Early Romans also considered peacocks a delicacy, but that’s another tale.) Cut to the late 19th century and designers like William Morris and James McNeill Whistler are putting peacocks on everything from tapestries to wall murals to earthenware. Fast-forward to 2012 and the big bird is back—and better than ever.

Lacy Bella Designs Peacock Monogrampeacock vinyl wall decal sticker persronalized home decor

The trademark tail feathers is a classic design icon and works well when used as a graphic ”pop.“ This new personalized wall decal is just the thing to add to your space to use as a jumping off focal point around which an entire space is built. Conversely, a larger patterned piece (e.g., a rug or wall hanging) Just look for fabrics, art and decorative objects that showcase the motif in the way that best suits your style.

Color Palettes

Peacock blue is one of the season’s hottest color stories. Shades range from intense ultramarine to muted teal, so finding the rigpeacock palletht match for your color scheme is probably easier than you think. In fact, the flamboyant bird’s plumage is actually a rainbow of shimmering jewel tones including blue, turquoise, indigo, green, purple, navy, orange and gold—so mixing and matching within this opulent palette is a great way to embrace your inner peacock. Lean more toward neutrals? A beige or white space is the perfect canvas for a vibrant splash of peacock color.

Ideas on how to tastefully decorate a Peacock theme.

Pier 1 has a collection of colorful peacock prints and shaped accessories will rock your world. From pillows to picture 2350014_12frames to objets d’art, there’s a plethora of great picks for even the most ardent fan. The key to theme decorating….keep it simple and don’t make the peacock theme too literal. Incorporate lots of the peacock pallet colors, and just pops of the peacock graphic itself through the room. For example in this picture at first glance it just looks like a beautifully put together room. But if you look closer to this picture, you’ll see the classic peacock teal curtains with gold feathers. Keeping with a more neutral tone, accents are subtly placed around the room. Notice the peacock pattern rug, the patter on the upholstered dining chairs and throw pillows in the background. Then the most noticeable accent on top of the table with an iron tree with hanging peacock ornaments. This is a great example of working with this theme without it being to literal or going overboard.


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