Who Is Lacy Bella?

Ever wonder how a business gets it’s name? Trust me, it’s not an easy process to come up with something that is easy to remember and explains what you do. So how did I come up with our business name, and just who is Lacy Bella? Well, meet my daughter, Lacy…Lacy Bella Name Inspiration

Find out who Lacy is and how she became the inspiration for our company.

Lacy is my 5 year old little girl, she is outgoing, spunky, creative, (very much so) energetic, and makes us laugh every day. I created this company to provide for my family and three children and thought it only fitting to include a daily reminder of why I work so hard, it’s all for my kids (and to have access to loads of free vinyl decals whenever I want ha ha) I think Lacy’s personality represents our light-hearted, whimsical, and one of a kind design style.

The other part of our business name, “Bella” means beautiful in Italian. This is not only appropriate because it describes my daughter, but also the beauty that I try to infuse in every wall decal that I design.

So there you have it, the story behind the name, Lacy Bella Designs!

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