Vinyl chalkboard design wall stickers

Give your home the feel of a classroom with chalkboard design wall stickers and decals to display all over your home. Whether it's a grocery list chalkboard for your refrigerator or customized jar stickers or fun kids room wall art, these decals will give your home an educational atmosphere.

Chalkboard - Classic Label
Product ID : CHALKB-108
classic vinyl decal chalkboard writable sign sticker decal
Chalkboard Calendar
Product ID : CHALKB-106
Chalkboard Design, Vinyl Decal: "Calender"
Chalkboard Grocery List
Product ID : CHALKB-103
Vinyl Chalkboard Design: "Grocery List"
Chalkboard Heart Graphic
Product ID : CHALKB-109
Chalkboard Design, Vinyl Decal heart shaped graphic
Chalkboard Scissor Graphics
Product ID : CHALKB-110
creative scissors vinyl decal chalkboard writable sign sticker decal
Menu Chalkboard
Product ID : CHALKB-104
Menu chalkboard vinyl decal sign refrigerator
Oval Chalkboard
Product ID : CHALKB-101
Chalkboard Vinyl Design: "Oval"
Round Scallop Chalkboard
Product ID : CHALKB-102
Chalkboard Design Decal: "Round Scallop"
Shield Chalkboard
Product ID : CHALKB-100
Chalkboard Design, Vinyl Decal: "Shield"
Square Chalkboard
Product ID : CHALKB-107
chalkboard vinyl fridge wall decal stickers
Swirly Chalkboard
Product ID : CHALKB-105
Vinyl Decal Chalkboard Design: "Swirly"