Designer Tool FAQ

What is the difference between overall dimension size and letter height?
Overall dimension size refers to the size of your entire design. Because each letter has different characteristics it is not accurate to measure by individual letter but rather by overall dimension meaning from the top of the tallest point to the bottom of the lowest(insert attached image)

How do I start?
Start by clicking “Add custom text” and typing in your phrase. This will then take you to the next page that will allow you to start having fun editing your design with fonts, size and colors.

How do I add an embellishment?
Embellishments are a wonderful way of adding a little flair, and can be added to your design by clicking “Add an embellishment” and selecting from the drop down menu of different categories. When you find an embellishment that you like, just click on it to add it to your design.

Can I take an item from the Lacy Bella catalog and edit it?
The answer to this is yes, and no. It depends on the design itself. Some designs can be recreated with the available font options however some of our catalog items have extensive graphic design elements created by our designers and not something that can be recreated in this tool.

Can I add more than one phrase to my design?
Yes, you can add as many different custom texts as you would like. This is especially important if you are wanting a design with multiple fonts. Just be aware that every new text box you add will be counted as an individual part to be edited.

I have multiple parts in my design. How will I receive them?
Each color will be made in 1 pre-spaced sheet for easy application. For example if your design is a single color, it will come on 1 pre-spaced sheet. If it’s a 2 color design, it will come on 2 sheets, one for each color. You can have the liberty of applying the layers to your specifications when you apply.

Once I’ve added my design to my cart, can I access it again and make changes to it?
Once you’ve added the design to your cart, you cannot make changes to the saved file.

If I start a custom design during a sales promotion but don’t order it until after the promotion deadline, can I still receive the promotion price?
Regardless of when you started your design, you will only receive the promotion price when you order and pay for the design before the promotion deadline.

How do I know how much my order will cost?
The great thing about this tool, is it provides pricing details as you design.

Can I exchange or return a custom design?
You can only return a custom design because of a quality defect. If your design is exchanged, you will receive the exact same design you ordered previously.

Do I need to prove permissions to use copyrighted images? Yes, legally copyrighted images can only be duplicated if provided a release from the copyright holder.

Can business logos be done?
Business logos cannot be imported into this design software. Instead, please contact Please note that due to different design elements not all logos may be accommodated.