Girls vinyl decals and wall stickers

Flowers, butterflies, princesses, stars and more of the things a girl wants in her room -- these versatile vinyl stickers and wall designs for girls will add a genuine flourish to any color wall. Lacy Bella designs include wall quote stickers that can be placed on your wall, moved and placed all over again.

Pink Dreams
Product ID : CG-111
Princess (Crown Embellishment)
Product ID : CG-152
Princess (personalized)
Product ID : CG-108
Queen Bee
Product ID : CG-189
Reach For The Stars
Product ID : CG-166
Regal Monogram
Product ID : CG-190
Ribbon Monogram
Product ID : CG-177
Product ID : CG-165
Scalloped Star Monogram
Product ID : CG-197
She Leaves A Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes
Product ID : CG-179