Girls vinyl decals and wall stickers

Flowers, butterflies, princesses, stars and more of the things a girl wants in her room -- these versatile vinyl stickers and wall designs for girls will add a genuine flourish to any color wall. Lacy Bella designs include wall quote stickers that can be placed on your wall, moved and placed all over again.

Scalloped Star Monogram
Product ID : CG-197
Unit Price: $28.00
See You Later Alligator
Product ID : CP-108
Unit Price: $40.32
She Leaves A Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes
Product ID : CG-179
Unit Price: $31.68
So Many Of My Smiles Begin With You
Product ID : CN-133
Unit Price: $30.24
Some Girls Are Just Born With Glitter In Their Veins
Product ID : CG-159
Unit Price: $27.30
Such A Big Miracle In Such A Little Girl
Product ID : CN-134
Unit Price: $33.32
Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice
Product ID : CG-175
Unit Price: $25.48
Sweetest Dreams
Product ID : CN-118
Unit Price: $36.96
The Primping Place
Product ID : B-101
Unit Price: $18.00 $16.20
When In Doubt, Just Add Glitter
Product ID : CG-168
Unit Price: $20.16
With A Butterfly Kiss & A Lady Bug Hug...
Product ID : CG-133
Unit Price: $34.72
You Are Loved Beyond Words
Product ID : CN-140
Unit Price: $35.28
You Are My Sunshine
Product ID : M-144
Unit Price: $37.80
You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine
Product ID : CN-151
Unit Price: $22.68
You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine
Product ID : CN-154
Unit Price: $30.38