Girls vinyl decals and wall stickers

Flowers, butterflies, princesses, stars and more of the things a girl wants in her room -- these versatile vinyl stickers and wall designs for girls will add a genuine flourish to any color wall. Lacy Bella designs include wall quote stickers that can be placed on your wall, moved and placed all over again.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Product ID : CG-150
Unit Price: $17.28
Wall Design and Interior Decor: "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"
A Girl Should Always Be Two Things Classy and Fabulous
Product ID : CG-142
Unit Price: $25.90
Vinyl Wall Coco Chanel Design: "A Girl Should Always Be Two Things Classy and...
All You Need is Faith & Trust ...
Product ID : CG-100
Unit Price: $29.28
Vinyl Wall Design and Decor: "All You Need Is A Little Faith and Trust"
And Though She Be But Little She Was Fierce
Product ID : CN-132
Unit Price: $33.60
Shakespeare wall decal quote "And though she be but little she was fierce" sign
Be The Princess In Your Own Fairytale
Product ID : CG-147
Unit Price: $33.60
Vinyl Wall Design: "Be The Princess In Your Own Fairytale"
Product ID : B-145
Unit Price: $21.00
Motivational self-esteem decal quote lettering sign "Be-you-tiful"
Because I Have a Sister I Will Always Have a Friend
Product ID : CG-101
Unit Price: $17.64
Vinyl Wall Design: "Because I Have A Sister, I Will Always Have A Friend"
Product ID : CG-102
Unit Price: $31.57
Vinyl Wall Decor "Believe" wording sticker quote
Best Friends Are We, My Sister and Me
Product ID : CG-103
Unit Price: $16.80
Interior Design and Decor: "Best Friends Are We, My Sister And Me"
Bloom Where You Are Planted
Product ID : CG-104
Unit Price: $28.21
Interior Decor and Wall Design: "Bloom Where You Are Planted"
Butterfly Kisses and Ladybug Hugs
Product ID : CG-178
Unit Price: $25.48
Vinyl Wall Lettering:"Butterfly Kisses Ladybug Hugs"
Crown Shield Monogram
Product ID : CG-193
Unit Price: $30.80
girl's crown shield monogram regal princess personalized design decal
Dance As Though No One Is Watching You...
Product ID : CG-143
Unit Price: $33.60
vinyl wall design for girl's room "Dance as though no one is watching"
Product ID : CN-123
Unit Price: $21.84
"dream" wall decal sign quote wording lettering
Dream Big Little One
Product ID : CP-109
Unit Price: $29.40
"Dream big little one" vinyl lettering nursery kids room wall art decal quote...
Eiffel Tower Decal Graphic
Product ID : CG-119
Unit Price: $40.32
Vinyl Decor and Design: "Paris- Eiffel Tower Embellishment"
Everyone's A Star And Deserves The Right To Twinkle
Product ID : CG-158
Unit Price: $21.60
vinyl wall decal for girls room inspiring quote "Everyone's a star and...
Find A Way To Shine
Product ID : CG-172
Unit Price: $22.05
Vinyl Wall Decal: "Find A Way To Shine"
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