Now offering 81 color choices

Now offering 81 color choices for our customers to browse and select from. We are thrilled to be able to offer a whopping 81 matte vinyl decal colors! These colors are what’s hot and trendy in the home decor industry and now can be easily added to your home with our decals. Some of the predicted big favorites will be the Eggplant, Wisteria, Tumbleweed, and Beach House.

We always want to offer the most options for our customers. We have over 2,000 designs on our site so that there is a design for everyone in every room and every holiday. Now we have turned our focus to upload all these new varying hues on the color spectrum that can match any decor.

As I mentioned that we have over 2,000 designs on our website it is going to take a while for us to go through each design and update the colors. So if you have a design that you want to buy but the new colors aren’t posted yet, just email us at and let us know what product ID you are wanting updated and we’ll get those full colors put on that design right away.

We are so excited to offer these stylish new colors and want to hear back from our customers! Because each device and computer screen can be calibrated differently the true to life color may vary. But don’t worry, we have you covered! Just fill out a Color Sample Request Form at the bottom of our Color Options Page:

81 color preview matte vinyl material

Now offering 81 trend setting matte vinyl colors to choose from

New Vinyl Decal Infinity Designs!

It’s our job to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s trending in the home decor industry. With the popular surge in infinity designs we thought it was time that we add this unique and chic designs for our customers. Vinyl wall decals are wonderful ways to express what is important to you. Below you will see a variety of of options such as hearts, soccer, baseball, chef, as well as love and religious themes.

????????????????????? MTW-117 (A3) MTW-118 (A3) MTW-120 (A3) M-137 (A3) M-153 (A3)

Faith Infinity Symbol Wall Decal



Who Says Cyber Monday Should Get All The Good Sales?

The best thing about shopping online is finding a rocking discount code that lets you save a bucket of cash. And that’s just another reason why our customers love shopping with us! While we do occasionally offer Groupons, our company sales are often just as valuable if not more! So check back often with us and we will keep our customers posted with any promos going on!

vinyl wall decal discount promo code cheap

So what’s new today? We are having a 4 day sale that gives our customers 55% off! Amazing huh! This is just 5 points away from being as big of a sale as our Cyber Monday Sale!! This sale is good for everything in our site including clearance. The only exception is designs that were submitted and created through the Custom Design Request process.

So share the good news and get to shopping!

Year End Clearance Blow Out!

We are stuffed to the rafters with clearance designs and need to move them out so that we can make room for all of the fun and creative new designs we are going to posting in 2014! So with that we are doing our year end clearance blow out sale!

All clearance items are already marked down, and now you get to wield your coupon saving sword and slash 60% MORE off of those prices. That’s a savings up to 80% off. Now, where in the world are you going to find THAT good of a deal anywhere?

These blow out sales only happen twice a year and because they are a big hit, the items go fast! But if you don’t see something that rings your bell, keep checking back because hundreds more designs are going to be added before the sale is up!


Thanksgiving Thank You to All of our Customers!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to take the time to personally thank each of our customers.

This company started as a way to help provide for my family during these tough economic times, but over the last 7 years it has become so much more! Creating designs is a wonderful creative outlet and collaborating with our customers in ideas is invigorating and inspiring!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come in the office and do what I love each day. Your ideas and feedback are what gets me up in the morning and excited to start the day. We know that you have options when it comes where you buying your decals, and are truly honored that you are our customer! Your feedback and satisfaction is woven into everything that we do as we thoughtfully craft our designs, and are honored that you have graced your home with our decals.

In short, thank you for not just ordering from us, but for being an important part of our company! We wish you all the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and look forward to continuing to service you!

-LaNae Petersen
Owner, Lacy Bella Designs

Be Our Facebook BFF!

The Perks of Friendship!Halloween free decal giveaway

We have a growing group of friends on Facebook. With every website in the world with a Facebook page, I’m sure you’re wondering just why should you friend us? We love our customers and want them to feel appreciated and have the inside scoop! Every good friend always knows that going on in your life, and the first to hear of any good news!

Our Facebook BFF’s are always the first ones to hear of upcoming sales and promotions. This is especially great when it comes to clearance mark down sales! Because each clearance item is sold as is and quantities are very limited, getting a head start of this sale helps you get first dibs on your favorite designs!

Today, our Facebook BFF’s got an exclusive head start on our Halloween Freebie deal going on, just for today only! With this promo, we are giving away one of our most popular Halloween wall decal designs that says “Leave your brooms at the door”. We will have flash sales, or free wall decal giveaways, don’t loose on getting yours!

Occasionally we also run a photo contest on Facebook. Just post a picture of your wall decal, and tag us in it and you are automatically enrolled in our gift card giveaway! At the end of the contest one luck person is randomly selected for nice sized gift card! It’s also a great way to strut your stuff an show off your beautiful home to all of your friends!

Bottom line is we aren’t just a face-less company, we are real people! We work hard for our paychecks, have families, balance the checkbooks, and LOVE a great deal just as much as the next person! So we try to have sales often to fit everyone’s budget! Make sure you friend us on Facebook so that you can become our newest Facebook BFF!FacebookButton

Weekly Deals & Specials

We love good deals and bargains just like the rest of our customers! Let’s face it, most of our emails are filled up with bills or junk mail, so it’s always nice when you see a great deal come over from on of your favorite companies…That being us of course!

We have started a “WEEKLY SPECIAL DEALS” campaign. Make sure that you sign up for our mailing list (if you aren’t on it currently please email and they can add you) This way you can get a fun email every week letting you know what rooms are going to be marked down!

Here’s an example of the special that we have going on this week:

lacy bella designs promo code discount sales

Every week we will feature a sale on different areas of our catalog. So make sure that you keep an eye out in your email so that you are always the first to know of our amazing deals for our creative and unique wall decals. Also, the holidays are quickly approaching, this is a great way for you to snag early Christmas gifts for low prices!

Tips on Selecting The Right Size for Your Decal

Measuring wall decal sticker for your home

Size Matters!

Finding the right size for your decal is crucial, get a decal too big and it will be overwhelming, get a decal too small and it will look dwarfed and awkward on your wall. These instructions will help our customers make sure that the decal is the right size for their space to give you the wow-factor you are looking for!

Because every wall and space is different, it’s important to find the size that’s best for you, and these steps will help you do so.

tips and tricks on how to find the right decal sizemeasuring in inches the size

finding the right dimensions for your sticker  If you are submitting a custom design request form, these dimensions that you just gathered will be what the designers will need in order to give you a layout and pricing.

If you are purchasing a design from our catalog, find the size that we offer that is the closest to your needs. If you have any questions, we stand ready to assist you, give us a call at 208-635-5069 or email us at

how wall decals look on the wall

Free Holiday Craft Decals

We are very excited to announce a new promotion for our customers to enjoy! This is our

free holiday wall decal craft decal design sticker cheap

  1. Buy any holiday decal
  2. Use your creativity to apply the decal
  3. Send us a high quality picture of the finished product to
  4. You’ll receive a gift card for the purchase amount of that design.

The Holidays are coming up fast, don’t miss out!

Here are the policy rules, please make sure that you read through them, as they will be strictly enforced.

rules and regulations for the holiday decal promotion
This promotion is for a limited time only. All photo submissions must be sent in by November 20, 2013 by 4:00pm PST. No extensions will be granted for any reason.

Clearance Mark Down Sales

Nothing feels better than getting a rip roaring good deal on something that you love. Well for all of your coupon-clippers and savvy shoppers you will LOVE our CLEARANCE CORNER!

Clearance items are catalog designs that are pre-made, and sold at incredibly low prices. They are sold as-is, meaning that the size or color cannot be changed. Clearance items are usually approximately $10.00, depending on size. Most of our clearance items are marked down anywhere from 40% – 90% off. This creates a perfect storm of savings to rain down! With deals like this, you’ll be assured that you will not find cheaper wall decals anywhere online!

And just when you think that’s amazing, here’s another little tid-bit to chew on! Once a month our processing team conducts and inventory on clearance items not sold that month. We then will have a clearance SALE on top, of the already slashed prices! This happens generally once a month, or every other month depending on quantity in our warehouse. Our current sale gives half off clearance items! This means that you can get decals for as low as only $2.50! If you want to be included int these emails, connect with us by following us on facebook and signing up for our mailing list by contacting

Lower Prices, but same high quality:
Just because these are clearance items, they are still made from our quality products and feature our popular and unique catalog designs. Since these are pre-made designs, quantities are extremely limited, and are sold first come first serve. If you see a design in our clearance corner that you want, it’s wise to not delay in purchasing because another customer can buy it out from underneath you if you wait. New designs are added and sold every day, so check back often and see if your favorite design is on sale.

Who loves our clearance? Well…everyone! But clearance designs can be specifically great for:

  • Newbies For novices to wall decals, clearance items are great way to dip your toes in the water without paying regular retail prices.
  • Crafters we have many customers who own crafting shops, or participate in seasonal crafting parties. Clearance items are a great way to order decals, while keeping your overhead low so that your end products can sell with a higher profit margin.
  • Penny Pinchers no days, no matter what income spectrum you fall, saving money is always smart. These deep discounts are a penny pinchers paradise, you’ll save so much money you won’t have to hide your receipt from your husband! ha ha