Be Our Facebook BFF!

The Perks of Friendship!Halloween free decal giveaway

We have a growing group of friends on Facebook. With every website in the world with a Facebook page, I’m sure you’re wondering just why should you friend us? We love our customers and want them to feel appreciated and have the inside scoop! Every good friend always knows that going on in your life, and the first to hear of any good news!

Our Facebook BFF’s are always the first ones to hear of upcoming sales and promotions. This is especially great when it comes to clearance mark down sales! Because each clearance item is sold as is and quantities are very limited, getting a head start of this sale helps you get first dibs on your favorite designs!

Today, our Facebook BFF’s got an exclusive head start on our Halloween Freebie deal going on, just for today only! With this promo, we are giving away one of our most popular Halloween wall decal designs that says “Leave your brooms at the door”. We will have flash sales, or free wall decal giveaways, don’t loose on getting yours!

Occasionally we also run a photo contest on Facebook. Just post a picture of your wall decal, and tag us in it and you are automatically enrolled in our gift card giveaway! At the end of the contest one luck person is randomly selected for nice sized gift card! It’s also a great way to strut your stuff an show off your beautiful home to all of your friends!

Bottom line is we aren’t just a face-less company, we are real people! We work hard for our paychecks, have families, balance the checkbooks, and LOVE a great deal just as much as the next person! So we try to have sales often to fit everyone’s budget! Make sure you friend us on Facebook so that you can become our newest Facebook BFF!FacebookButton

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