Laundry Room Vinyl Decals Improve Design

Whether you’ve been blessed with a huge laundry room or a small laundry closet, you can quickly and easily spruce up the look and design of your space with these super chic clothes pin decals.

Considering how much time most of us spend washing laundry, it’s important that this space reflects your energy and style.

Laundry Room Vinyl Decals

A fun way to add color and fun design without painting or remodeling is with our adorable clothes pin vinyl wall decals. As you can see in this image, you can customize the color to match your EXACT LOOK and DESIGN. These are sold separately, so you can order one or two for a smaller space or several for a larger laundry space.

Adorable Clothes Pin Vinyl Decal for Laundry Room


Washer and Dryer Vinyl Wall DecorationIf the side of your washer or dryer is exposed, add some fun decor by applying these on the side. It’s quick and easy and if you want to change the look in a year, or five years, you can remove these vinyl wall decals and pick a new look!

And now that I’m writing about these awesome vinyl wall decals, I’d like to share a few laundry room design tips….enjoy!

5 Tips for Laundry Room Design with Vinyl Wall Decals

1. Have Fun!

Vinyl Wall Decals allow you to get creative and have some fun without dealing with a huge mess (like painting) or something you’re going to be stuck with (like painting).

2. Use Your Space Wisely

Dryer Decoration - Vinyl Decal

This vinyl decal is a great way to add some extra design if your space is small (works for large rooms, too!)

Most laundry spaces aren’t really intended to be seen by guests, so they’re typically pretty basic and plain. There’s no reason you can’t use this space to reflect your personality. Before ordering any vinyl wall decals for your laundry room space, be sure to break out the tape measure and make sure what you’re ordering precisely matches the space you’re intended for it. Also, as with most design spaces, less is more. Consider how the use of “white space” will make your decal stand out more. You don’t want it to get lost in the clutter.

3. Color, Color, Color!

Don’t back away from color! Use color to make the design stand out and draw your attention. Don’t ever feel like you need to stick with the classic black and white when you’re using any vinyl wall decals. As you can see in the pictures above, the more colorful, the more exciting. We offer over 30 vinyl wall decal colors to choose from, so you can coordinate any project or home decor.

4. Get the Laundry Room Organized First

Laundry Wall Quote

This Laundry Room Vinyl Wall Quote has much more impact with a well-organized surrounding.

Although this step isn’t as fun as picking out your vinyl wall decals, it’s a critical step in achieving a fresh and new look. Adding a laundry room vinyl wall decal to a freshly organized laundry room or laundry closet will look a LOT better than having one hidden by overstuffed baskets of clothes or laundry supplies. We recommend coordinating the colors of your storage solutions with the colors you’d like for your vinyl wall decal.

I have a very small laundry closet (some day I’ll have a HUGE laundry room!!), and I found this blog article REALLY inspiring to get organized. I can already envision how my new space will be organized and which laundry room wall decorations I want to incorporate for my look.

5. Start with a realistic look

I know that Pinterest can help you find some incredibly inspirational designs, but I really really encourage you to start small and start realistic. If you’re already a design and do-it-yourself diva, then by all means, go all the way! However, if you’re just kind of getting started and trying to make some great improvements, don’t overdo it. Do some basic organization, basic shelves, and some easy vinyl wall decals. It’s much better to start with a project you can finish and pull off then get paralyzed by the overwhelming ideas out there.



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