French Flair Wall Decal Tips & Ideas

You can thank French designer, Coco Chanel for this tres chic color duo. The iconic fashion designer and creator of the little black dress declared simplicity “the keynote of all elegance” ablack and white damask bedding nd nothing was simpler or more elegant than basic black and white. So think French. More specifically, a light and airy Parisian bedroom. Start with warm ivory or vanilla on the walls. I chose to go with a more contemporary look with the robin egg (or Tiffany Blue) paint. If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, loads of natural light and great architectural detail, even better. Next, make your bed the main focus with a curvy wrought iron or upholstered headboard in black and white. I found this 7 piece damask bedding set at Amazon, of all places, after searching high and low at every trendy boutique in town. Pelmet boxes  tie everything together and are good alternative in case you don’t want to go with foo-foo window treatments. black and white interior decor tips and trends

Use vinyl wall decals for the plat de résistance!

Pile it high with soft, romantic bedding and pillows, mixing and matching solid colors with checks, stripes, and damask patterns. Add a cozy chenille throw at the foot of the bed. Then deck out the rest of the room in classic black an white French style: A comfy stamp-print slipper chair, a vintage-style chest or trunk, a tea light chandelier are popular accents. Accessorize with shapely ooh-la-la lamps, classic French wall art such as fleur de lis, and virtually anything Eiffel Tower. Finish with a simple vase of fresh flowers and voila!  But no room is complete until you add a personal touch of vinyl wall decals! Sometimes it’s the focal point in the room that you work all other decor around, and sometimes it’s the plat de résistance! In this case a simple black and white 2 tone design was selected that tied in all of the other colors, and applied over the bed and framed black and white wedding photos. “Will Forever Be In Love With You was originally created for my bedroom, in this picture. After I posted it Pinterest, our phones blew up! Everyone was contacting us asking for the same design, that’s when we added it to our catalog.

Here are some more of our Parisian inspired wall stickers:
Wall decal stickers are an excellent option for a penny-pincher’s Paris! Vinyl lettering wall decal stickers embellished with Eiffel tower accents, and Coco Chanel quotes
"Bonjour" vinyl wall decal French nursery decor Paris Effiel tower wall decal sticker graphic design girls bedroom  Coco Chanel quote "A Girls Should always be two things classy and fabulous"


Pretty as a Peacock

We are constantly updating our catalogs with the most chic and fashion forward looks, such as the new Peacock Monogram. Last year, owls were the big thing in interior design for both family rooms apeacock wall decal sticker design graphicnd children’s rooms. This year be ahead of the trend because Peacocks are the new Owls!

Trendy, Yes! But is it a fad? No!

Peacocks are no fashion fly-by-nights. Since the first royal decorator to the Roman emperor decided to do the palace in feathers, designers have flocked to the colorful bird. (Early Romans also considered peacocks a delicacy, but that’s another tale.) Cut to the late 19th century and designers like William Morris and James McNeill Whistler are putting peacocks on everything from tapestries to wall murals to earthenware. Fast-forward to 2012 and the big bird is back—and better than ever.

Lacy Bella Designs Peacock Monogrampeacock vinyl wall decal sticker persronalized home decor

The trademark tail feathers is a classic design icon and works well when used as a graphic ”pop.“ This new personalized wall decal is just the thing to add to your space to use as a jumping off focal point around which an entire space is built. Conversely, a larger patterned piece (e.g., a rug or wall hanging) Just look for fabrics, art and decorative objects that showcase the motif in the way that best suits your style.

Color Palettes

Peacock blue is one of the season’s hottest color stories. Shades range from intense ultramarine to muted teal, so finding the rigpeacock palletht match for your color scheme is probably easier than you think. In fact, the flamboyant bird’s plumage is actually a rainbow of shimmering jewel tones including blue, turquoise, indigo, green, purple, navy, orange and gold—so mixing and matching within this opulent palette is a great way to embrace your inner peacock. Lean more toward neutrals? A beige or white space is the perfect canvas for a vibrant splash of peacock color.

Ideas on how to tastefully decorate a Peacock theme.

Pier 1 has a collection of colorful peacock prints and shaped accessories will rock your world. From pillows to picture 2350014_12frames to objets d’art, there’s a plethora of great picks for even the most ardent fan. The key to theme decorating….keep it simple and don’t make the peacock theme too literal. Incorporate lots of the peacock pallet colors, and just pops of the peacock graphic itself through the room. For example in this picture at first glance it just looks like a beautifully put together room. But if you look closer to this picture, you’ll see the classic peacock teal curtains with gold feathers. Keeping with a more neutral tone, accents are subtly placed around the room. Notice the peacock pattern rug, the patter on the upholstered dining chairs and throw pillows in the background. Then the most noticeable accent on top of the table with an iron tree with hanging peacock ornaments. This is a great example of working with this theme without it being to literal or going overboard.


Personalized Girls Monogram Wall Decal

Excited to announce new Personalized Monograms for Children’s Rooms and Nurseries

This “Girls Room Heart Monogramvinyl wall decal is personalized with your child’s first and middle name. Personalized children’s monograms are a customizable and chic way to add enchantment to your little girls bedroom or nursery.

Girly monogram wall decal sticker

Personalized Monogram with Heart Embellishment

Monogram Etiquette
This design style is probably the most trendy way to decorate your child’s room, but make sure that you are putting in the right information. This can be completely personal preference, but the suggested method is selecting the first letter of your last name in the large background initial. Then include the first and middle name of your child. Putting too much or too little information can throw off the balance of the design. If you have any questions on how your child’s name will look, just shoot our sales team an email. They will be happy to provide you a sample with how your decal will look! You can reach us at

Where To Apply The Girls Monogram Decal
Although the application options can be limitless, the most popular place that monograms are applied are above a girls headboard or baby’s crib.

I find that when I move or redecorate a room, sometimes the blank wall staring back at me is inspirational and full of opportunities. But then sometimes, it’s daunting task to fill and leaves me feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. I’m pretty sure most of us feel like the latter more often than the first. First choice of what to do with a large wall is always the hardest, after that everything else will fall in place. By using a vinyl wall sticker, it creates the perfect jumping off point, and that’s what makes wall decal designs and quotes so special!

Who Is Lacy Bella?

Ever wonder how a business gets it’s name? Trust me, it’s not an easy process to come up with something that is easy to remember and explains what you do. So how did I come up with our business name, and just who is Lacy Bella? Well, meet my daughter, Lacy…Lacy Bella Name Inspiration

Find out who Lacy is and how she became the inspiration for our company.

Lacy is my 5 year old little girl, she is outgoing, spunky, creative, (very much so) energetic, and makes us laugh every day. I created this company to provide for my family and three children and thought it only fitting to include a daily reminder of why I work so hard, it’s all for my kids (and to have access to loads of free vinyl decals whenever I want ha ha) I think Lacy’s personality represents our light-hearted, whimsical, and one of a kind design style.

The other part of our business name, “Bella” means beautiful in Italian. This is not only appropriate because it describes my daughter, but also the beauty that I try to infuse in every wall decal that I design.

So there you have it, the story behind the name, Lacy Bella Designs!

Laundry Room Vinyl Decals Improve Design

Whether you’ve been blessed with a huge laundry room or a small laundry closet, you can quickly and easily spruce up the look and design of your space with these super chic clothes pin decals.

Considering how much time most of us spend washing laundry, it’s important that this space reflects your energy and style.

Laundry Room Vinyl Decals

A fun way to add color and fun design without painting or remodeling is with our adorable clothes pin vinyl wall decals. As you can see in this image, you can customize the color to match your EXACT LOOK and DESIGN. These are sold separately, so you can order one or two for a smaller space or several for a larger laundry space.

Adorable Clothes Pin Vinyl Decal for Laundry Room


Washer and Dryer Vinyl Wall DecorationIf the side of your washer or dryer is exposed, add some fun decor by applying these on the side. It’s quick and easy and if you want to change the look in a year, or five years, you can remove these vinyl wall decals and pick a new look!

And now that I’m writing about these awesome vinyl wall decals, I’d like to share a few laundry room design tips….enjoy!

5 Tips for Laundry Room Design with Vinyl Wall Decals

1. Have Fun!

Vinyl Wall Decals allow you to get creative and have some fun without dealing with a huge mess (like painting) or something you’re going to be stuck with (like painting).

2. Use Your Space Wisely

Dryer Decoration - Vinyl Decal

This vinyl decal is a great way to add some extra design if your space is small (works for large rooms, too!)

Most laundry spaces aren’t really intended to be seen by guests, so they’re typically pretty basic and plain. There’s no reason you can’t use this space to reflect your personality. Before ordering any vinyl wall decals for your laundry room space, be sure to break out the tape measure and make sure what you’re ordering precisely matches the space you’re intended for it. Also, as with most design spaces, less is more. Consider how the use of “white space” will make your decal stand out more. You don’t want it to get lost in the clutter.

3. Color, Color, Color!

Don’t back away from color! Use color to make the design stand out and draw your attention. Don’t ever feel like you need to stick with the classic black and white when you’re using any vinyl wall decals. As you can see in the pictures above, the more colorful, the more exciting. We offer over 30 vinyl wall decal colors to choose from, so you can coordinate any project or home decor.

4. Get the Laundry Room Organized First

Laundry Wall Quote

This Laundry Room Vinyl Wall Quote has much more impact with a well-organized surrounding.

Although this step isn’t as fun as picking out your vinyl wall decals, it’s a critical step in achieving a fresh and new look. Adding a laundry room vinyl wall decal to a freshly organized laundry room or laundry closet will look a LOT better than having one hidden by overstuffed baskets of clothes or laundry supplies. We recommend coordinating the colors of your storage solutions with the colors you’d like for your vinyl wall decal.

I have a very small laundry closet (some day I’ll have a HUGE laundry room!!), and I found this blog article REALLY inspiring to get organized. I can already envision how my new space will be organized and which laundry room wall decorations I want to incorporate for my look.

5. Start with a realistic look

I know that Pinterest can help you find some incredibly inspirational designs, but I really really encourage you to start small and start realistic. If you’re already a design and do-it-yourself diva, then by all means, go all the way! However, if you’re just kind of getting started and trying to make some great improvements, don’t overdo it. Do some basic organization, basic shelves, and some easy vinyl wall decals. It’s much better to start with a project you can finish and pull off then get paralyzed by the overwhelming ideas out there.



Vinyl Wedding Signs & Label Designs

Saying “I Do” with vinyl from Lacy Bella! We were asked to provide some vinyl wedding signs for a local backyard wedding and were thrilled to help the happy couple pull of the custom look they were dreaming of. I have talked to so many brides who are trying to achieve a similar look with challenging stencils and paint. I think this is a beautiful and easy idea. And this is something friends and family may love to pitch in to help with! The great thing is, you can get the look your wanting to achieve the first time, and it’s affordable too!

Customized Vinyl Wedding Signs

Once they received the customized vinyl decals, the execution was simple. This personalized white vinyl was applied to a foam board, then holes were punched in the top and bottom so that it could be tied to a post.

Beautiful Vinyl Wedding Decal Signs

Personalized Vinyl Wedding Monogram Cake Sign

Again, this was applied to black foam poster board that can be bought at Target for only $2.33. They added a vinyl monogram of the bride and groom with their wedding date and put it up behind the cake able.

Custom "Vinyl Wedding Monogram Signs with Vinyl Decals

Custom Wedding Condiment Labels

Loved this idea! They had a soft-serve ice cream machine at the wedding, so they bought some inexpensive condiment dispensers and applied black long-last vinyl on the sides to identify the different topping choices. How creative and beautiful is that?
Custom Vinyl Wedding Condiment Labels

Vinyl adds so much class and personalization to weddings! And the best part is that it’s an inexpensive way to add those little unique touches to any occasion. If you would like to get quotes on vinyl pricing for your upcoming event please submit a Custom Order Request form at Lacy Bella and a designer will be happy to provide you samples and pricing.

Vinyl Wall Monogram – Octagon Swirl

NEW! Gorgeous Family Vinyl Wall Monogram in Octagon Swirl

Family Vinyl Wall Monogram

This eye-catching vinyl wall monogram design was inspired by a dear family friend of ours. I absolutely love the display of this one, too. It really shows the versatility of vinyl wall designs. This family monogram vinyl decal was simply applied to the glass of a picture frame and hung. It’s a gorgeous and classy look.

Of course, these vinyl monograms can be applied directly to the wall as well, and with a little patience will appear hand-painted directly on the wall (SO beautiful!!). These are so easy to make your own with personalized colors. 

Vinyl Wall Monogram

Vinyl Wall Monogram makes a GREAT gift
for Wedding, Anniversary or House Warming!

If you’re wondering what to get the happy couple that seems to have everything, our family monogram decals may be the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, or even for a house warming. Here are a few tips  to GET IT RIGHT when ordering vinyl wall decals for a couple:

1. Get the Name Right!

This seems like such an obvious tip, but I’m really sad to report that we’ve had a few customers in the past who accidentally spelled names wrong with some of our vinyl wall monogram designs. If this happens to you, you’ll find our Customer Service department is a pleasure to work with and we’ll try to help you out as much as possible. However, if you’re giving this as a gift, we really don’t want you to have to face that kind of embarrassment on what should be a perfect gift!

2. Get the Colors Right!

If your happy couple or family is planning any future redesigns, you may want to stick with some classic neutral colors for their family vinyl wall monogram. However, if they’ve recently painted, you may be able to get the perfect color compliment to their space. If you EVER want color advice, please call us. Our Customer Service department would be happy to give you some design or color advice! Be sure to check out our available colors as well. 

3. Get the Design Right!

We have many great designs to pick from so you can find the right match for the right couple. You’ll want to consider individual personalities, couple personalities, the style of their home (furniture, layout, colors), individual/couple style (clothing, fashion, etc.) to get just the right look for the happy family’s vinyl wall monogram.

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First We Had Each Other Then We Had You Now We Have Everything

“First We Had Each Other Then We Had You Now We Have Everything” 

This design can be found in our Children – Nursery room wall decals section. This design will add a touch of whimsy to your child’s nursery. It is easy to apply & remove when you want to change up your decor or need to move.

A baby’s room reference quote was the inspiration for this vinyl wall art. You can make it your own by personalizing your colors and applying to creative spaces, shown in these pictures over chevron painted walls, striped nursery wall, over a crib or baby pictures, the possibilities are endless. We use a thin matte vinyl that is removable but not reusable. The beauty of your decal material is, with a pinch of patience, it will appear hand painted on the wall.

"Reach For The Stars…" Girls room subway art decal

“Reach for the stars, Live for the moment, Dance like no  one is watching, Sing like no one is listening, Love like there’s no tomorrow, Follow your dreams, Laugh, Choose with no regrets, Smile Unconditionally”

This design can be found in our Children – Girls Room wall decals section. This design will add a touch of whimsy to your child’s room. It is easy to apply & remove when you want to change up your decor or need to move. A subway art reference quote was the inspiration for this vinyl wall art.

Click here to see more about this design

Zombie Response Team (Personalized)

“Zombie Response Unit”

This design can be found in our bathroom wall decals category. This design will let everyone know who their local zombie slayer is! This bumper sticker car decal is easy to apply & and will withstand car washes and weather elements. A zombie Walking Dead reference quote was the inspiration for this vinyl car art. You can make it your own by personalizing your county name.