Tips on Selecting The Right Size for Your Decal

Measuring wall decal sticker for your home

Size Matters!

Finding the right size for your decal is crucial, get a decal too big and it will be overwhelming, get a decal too small and it will look dwarfed and awkward on your wall. These instructions will help our customers make sure that the decal is the right size for their space to give you the wow-factor you are looking for!

Because every wall and space is different, it’s important to find the size that’s best for you, and these steps will help you do so.

tips and tricks on how to find the right decal sizemeasuring in inches the size

finding the right dimensions for your sticker  If you are submitting a custom design request form, these dimensions that you just gathered will be what the designers will need in order to give you a layout and pricing.

If you are purchasing a design from our catalog, find the size that we offer that is the closest to your needs. If you have any questions, we stand ready to assist you, give us a call at 208-635-5069 or email us at

how wall decals look on the wall

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