Vinyl Wedding Signs & Label Designs

Saying “I Do” with vinyl from Lacy Bella! We were asked to provide some vinyl wedding signs for a local backyard wedding and were thrilled to help the happy couple pull of the custom look they were dreaming of. I have talked to so many brides who are trying to achieve a similar look with challenging stencils and paint. I think this is a beautiful and easy idea. And this is something friends and family may love to pitch in to help with! The great thing is, you can get the look your wanting to achieve the first time, and it’s affordable too!

Customized Vinyl Wedding Signs

Once they received the customized vinyl decals, the execution was simple. This personalized white vinyl was applied to a foam board, then holes were punched in the top and bottom so that it could be tied to a post.

Beautiful Vinyl Wedding Decal Signs

Personalized Vinyl Wedding Monogram Cake Sign

Again, this was applied to black foam poster board that can be bought at Target for only $2.33. They added a vinyl monogram of the bride and groom with their wedding date and put it up behind the cake able.

Custom "Vinyl Wedding Monogram Signs with Vinyl Decals

Custom Wedding Condiment Labels

Loved this idea! They had a soft-serve ice cream machine at the wedding, so they bought some inexpensive condiment dispensers and applied black long-last vinyl on the sides to identify the different topping choices. How creative and beautiful is that?
Custom Vinyl Wedding Condiment Labels

Vinyl adds so much class and personalization to weddings! And the best part is that it’s an inexpensive way to add those little unique touches to any occasion. If you would like to get quotes on vinyl pricing for your upcoming event please submit a Custom Order Request form at Lacy Bella and a designer will be happy to provide you samples and pricing.

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